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Plusbac was formed in 2010. The company was set up in order to develop the available use of beneficial microbes throughout our everyday lives…from the soil from which we produce, to the resulting food and water on our table, we are able to create a healthier existence. We have focused on microbes working within animal welfare, as well as sound work throughout many other areas of agriculture with exciting results. We strive to identify ecological alternatives to chemical inputs and sustainable solutions in order to regenerate and rebalance areas within agriculture and animal husbandry.

Our team continues to work hard with these various areas of use, with these beneficial microbes, which are all available to use within organic production.

We hope you can be enlightened by the content of our website and feel interested to learn more about how these microbes can benefit so many different areas within your own environment.

Meet the team

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  • With a lofty background in food, Nick is passionate about anything natural and organic; and believes that proper provenance is all. Nick became involved with the subject of microorganisms in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the principle of what they could achieve. He recognised that beneficial bacteria provide a tremendous opportunity within business as they are beneficial to so many areas of life and thus Plusbac Ltd was created.

    ‘We have a great team and continue to build Plusbac Ltd. We all look forward, enthusiastically, to the path ahead.’

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  • Valerie graduated from The Royal Agricultural College in 2010 with a BSc in Property Agency & Marketing (RICS). She has worked with several countryside related commercial companies, helping with marketing and accounts. Valerie joined Plusbac Ltd in 2017, being attracted by the subject of microorganisms and the energy shared by the team. Valerie manages the accounts for the company as well as marketing.

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  • Chloë has been riding from a very young age and has spent a lifetime engaged in countryside pursuits, culminating in reading International Equine and Agricultural Business Management at the Royal Agricultural University. She began her time with Plusbac during her studies and graduated this year, 2018, with First Class Honours and awards for her work. She continues to keep her own horses, who range from show jumpers to ponies utilised in works with young disabled people. She keeps her horses and German Shepherd on the relevant Plusbac probiotics and “[doesn’t] regret it, would never take them off it! That’s why it’s so easy to work [at Plusbac]!”


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  • John is our go-to expert for soil conditioning and analysis for both crops and livestock. He has a full understanding of what is needed in terms of minerals and trace elements as well as microbial conditioning in order for the soil to contain the required nutrients for both crops and livestock.  Field Science Trace Element Dressings work in all soils and are always based on individual soil analysis  and are tailor-made for each area tested, which makes them the ideal partner for Plusbac beneficial bacteria. 


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