A Highly Effective, Commensal, Beneficial Microbial Liquid For Silage

Plusbac Silage speeds the fermentation of baled and clamped grass for use as Silage.  Where dry matter is higher such as in haylage or humid hay, Plusbac Silage is used to prevent bad fermentation and the growth of mould. The rapid formation of lactic acid brings down the pH value quickly to its optimal level and because the product is heterofermentative and produces several positive or healthy fermentation acids, the improvement in aerobic stability works against secondary fermentation.  The result is a product that is appetising, high in energy and nutrients and helps maintain a healthy condition in livestock.

Plusbac Silage makes for a very palatable silage!

  • For all baled grass and legume silages
  • Applies one million live bacteria per gram forage
  • Available for liquid treatment only
  • 25L of Plusbac Silage treats 50 tonnes of haylage/Silage
  • Add 25L to 75 Litres of water and apply at 2L per tonne
  • Tank mix life 3 days at ambient temperature
  • GMO free
  • Suitable for organic use (Soil association approved for use within organic production)

Baled silages are usually made of higher DM, longer chop forage so fermentation is slower and the final pH higher. Bales are also more prone to aerobic spoilage due to their high surface area to volume ratio and reduced density, even when chopped.



    • Reduction in pathogenic bacteria, potential harmful molds and fungi in the silage
    • Less wastage.
    • Accelerates PH reduction, and optimum level.
    • Enhances aerobic stability, inhibiting secondary fermentations.


    • Improves digestion (more beneficial microorganisms in the saliva and digestive tract).
    • Aids metabolism, improving nutrient production and absorption
    • Increase in Milk Yield with dairy cows
    • Helps enhance appetite and weight by maintaining balanced nutrient production and absorption within the rumen and intestine.
    • Optimises wellbeing, general condition and temperament, as a positive colonic flora produces vitamins and enzymes.
    • A totally natural way to help maintain an optimum immune system.
    • Improves microbial quality of manure
  • 50L Plusbac Silage per 100 tonnes of Haylage/Silage – diluted by at least 3 to 1 reaching 6 to 1 when dry.  Add 25L to 75 Litres of water and apply at 2L per tonne

  • Best method is to Spray diluted Plusbac Silage evenly over the Haylage/silage as being gathered and bailed. (Using an automated  water to product dosing valve)

  • Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei,  Saccaromyces cerevisiae.

    The agents in Plusbac Silage are two strains of lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus plantarum and lactobacillus casei) and wheat bacteria (saccharomyces cerevisiae).

    Plusbac Silage is heterofermentative (creates several fermentation products, such as propanediol and propanol), unlike homofermentative silage agents (which only create lactic acid). The addition of Plusbac Silage Increases formation of lactic acids, acetic acids and propionic acid as well as 1.2 propanediol and 1 propanol, which improves aerobic stability, which also leads to increased stability for secondary fermentations.


    Water 97.0 %, raw protein 0.3 %, raw oils and fats 0.1 %, raw ash 1.3 %, raw fibre 0.6 %, Sodium 0,0 %, Lysine 0.0 %, Methionin 0.0 %

  • Optimum temperature for storage between +10oC and +24oC. Keep out of sunlight. Do not freeze or refrigerate

    Shelf life: Product is given a 12 month Use by date from the time of bottling. It should be used within 3 months of opening.

  • *82 pence per tonne is based on 1000 Litres and does not include delivery. 

    If you would like to order large quantities please contact one of our Plusbac team. 

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Highly beneficial microbial, liquid balancer

David Matthews, Dairy Herdsman, Glos

We have had problems with our organic Silage with pathogenic bacteria causing scouring. These beneficial bacteria ensure this doesn’t happen which in turn, increases yield and makes my life easier!