Plusbac feed

Fermented Herb Feed Supplement for Horses

Plusbac Feed is a highly effective natural herbal feed supplement for horses. Plusbac Feed is suitable as a silage, haylage and concentrated feed additive. The supplement maintains healthy digestion by positively benefiting the saliva and gut, as negativity within the body is suppressed. Plusbac Feed can help optimise a healthy immune system and helps maintain wellbeing, general health and condition.

Whilst we do not make any medical claims for this product, we work with many top UK equine vets who are greatly encouraged with certain areas of use. We fully intend to start scientifically proving up the benefits in areas recommended on the back of veterinary anecdotal evidence. These areas include everything relating to gut health.

Plusbac Feed is used as a daily health  and condition tonic by many or you can introduce it into your horses feed if you see weight loss, poor coat and condition. Plusbac Feed is great for all breeding stock, pregnant mares and foals. Also good to use if your horse is prone to stress when travelling and much more. 

Plusbac Feed is FEI Compliant

Plusbac Feed is Soil Association approved for use within organic production


Richard Hepburn, BVSc MS(Hons) CertEM(IntMed) DipACVIM MRCVS

Top UK Internal Medicine vet

Plusbac Feed is possibly the best product of it’s kind on the market and is great value.

Emma Tomlinson, MRCVS

Tomlinson Equine

Plusbac Equine seems to work effectively for so many areas of equine health.  I carry some with me wherever I go.

Catherine Edwards, BSc (Hons)

Naturally Animals

Plusbac Equine has helped so many horses in so many different areas. Consequently I have a lot of happy customers with very happy horses.